Candice Carlton

I know 

That everything is bullshit unless you listen to your inner GPS, calling, whisper, gut (whatever you want to call it!) and that by doing so, you can actually create a life that speaks to you wholeheartedly.


that it all begins with slowing down + tuning in. 


My work 

is to help you connect to your inner gps so that you can truly create the work and life you were meant for. I make videos, host workshops and work with clients 1/1  to help you access the innate joy and peace that already exists inside of you. 

I am...

A Meditation Teacher, Modern-Day Spiritual Facilitator, Co-Creator of Wellness  Everywhere + Content Strategist to purpose driven companies. 

I specialize in helping successful (but secretly anxious) go-getters to clear away the crazy by reconnecting to your Inner Guidance + tuning back into what really matters to you. 

Candice Carlton is the modern yogi.  
She has a gift of helping people wake up, plug in, and find direction.
— Virginia Traylor, Yoga Vie Studio Owner
Candice has taught me that meditation is the modern woman’s super power and man, do I use it.
— Lindsay Esser— Founder/CEO