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6 Weeks to Sound Sleep

6 Weeks to Sound Sleep Workshop

I've created this workshop for anyone suffering from any of the symptoms of insomnia looking to  move from "wired but tired" to calm, rested + restored. Ah... now doesn't that sound better?!  

The number one reason people flock to my meditation workshops is because they're suffering from symptoms of stress + burnout. 

The most typical symptom people complain about, is insomnia. Symptoms of Insomnia Include: 

  • Difficulty falling asleep at night

  • Waking up during the night (often for hours) 

  • Waking up too early

  • Feeling exhausted all day long 

  • Irritability, depression or anxiety

  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering aka. mind fog

  • Increased errors

  • Ongoing worries about sleep... 

I've personally suffered from severe bouts of insomnia + I've experienced first hand how crazy not having enough sleep can make you. I chugged 5 cups of coffee daily, craved sugar constantly,  felt like I was in a perpetual mind fog with the added bonuses of a few pounds, anxiety + inability to be creative. 

Meditation for Sleep

Imagine what your life would be like feeling well rested?!! This workshop is for the successful, stressed out + not sleeping who want:

  • More Sleep (duh!)

  • Better quality Sleep... 

  • To throw out the sleep meds, anxiety + extra caffeine 

  • To wake up feeling like rested, inspired+ energized.

  • To cruise through your days centered, calm + creative

  • To turn up the volume + live life fully... not on snooze. 

Each week we will meet in person or virtually to practice meditation + techniques to calm your mind, soul + nervous system including:  

  • Guided yoga nidra which is a yogic meditation that has been described as a "nap on steroids."

  • Think of it as 45 minutes of complete bliss that feels like 3 hours of sleep. Any objections? I didn't think so! 

  • I'll guide you through this meditation technique that triggers the body's relaxation response guranteed to rejuvenate + restore. 

  • We'll also practice breathing techniques that quickly move you from stressed + anxious to calm + centered that you can use anywhere, anytime.

  • plus explore + create new habits to practice daily to keep that calm going throughout your week including:

    • A sleep hygiene routine personalized to you

    • Techniques to center quickly in the middle of a stressful day

    • Recommended essentials oils for added calm

    • Experiments in the benefits of unplugging

I'm so dedicated to making sure you have the support you need to wake up feeling like your truest, strongest, calmest self that you'll also become part of the Sound Sleepers Community: 

  • A facebook group where you can share your experience with fellow sound sleepers + have your questions answered by me live.

  • Plus receive additional tips + techniques to help you glide through your days. 

  • Bonus meditations + practices for you to try on in-between class. 

Each week we will build on the previous week's practice + by the end of the workshop, you will  have created and tested a personalized sleep hygiene routine, be practiced in meditation techniques to balance your nervous system, calm your mind and will even have create your own recorded meditation based on what you've found works for you!! 

Can you say well rested? What about Calm? Centered? Excited for your day + ready to take on your longings, the things that light up your soul? Lets do this!

Not living in Portland? Now Offering... A Limited Selection of Virtual Tickets.

An incredible opportunity to be part of live community, have access to all tools, videos and content without leaving your house.

6 Weeks to Sound Sleep Virtual Course
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6 Weeks to Sound Sleep Virtual Course
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