Why are we all so stressed + disconnected? 


I've set out on an adventure to interview an eclectic array of wellness/spiritual teachers + practitioners and ask them this very question. "What can we do to create the life, health and fulfillment we're all starving for? "

I interview acupuncturists, buddhist monks + psychic mediums. I answer your questions about meditation + share my experience of navigating the spiritual path with the realness of everyday life.  


How to move from "success" to fulfillment. 

In this video Laurette De Julian, a sought after spiritual teacher, medium and flower essences practitioner shares about her own experience as a wildly successful banking professional  with three degrees who had all the makings of success, but none of the fulfillment. Lauri talks about the real question to ask when you want something different than you have now. 


How does Acupuncture + Meditation help Stress?!

These are two of the coolest acupuncturists you will ever get to know. Tina Yang and Suzanne Tang. In this video we discuss practices + treatments to overcome anxiety, stress + insomnia. My favorite part is their advice on "sleep hygiene."


Feeling stuck? What to do. 

What a privilege to do this interview series with Lauri DeJulian a spiritual teacher, medium and flower essences practitioner. In this video I ask her what to do if you feel stuck in your job/relationship/health. Her answer is profound. It's about playfulness, day dreaming, mindfulness + manifesting. 





Yoga + Acupuncture as a path to Wholeness

In this interview Julie De Lagarde, Los Angeles based Acupuncturist + Published Author shares her journey from being a goal focused dancer in New York City to finding yoga and acupuncture as a way of connecting with that "something" she had felt was missing.