The Compassion Project

Try tell someone struggling with anxiety, insomnia, an addiction, body-image problems or panic attacks that they need more self-love and you're guaranteed to get an eye roll. 

"Self love" is a term that gets thrown around the self-help, #inspo, yoga and spiritual circles so frequently, that it's lost all understanding. It sounds like we're being encouraged to go to the spa. To put icing on a "shitty day" or to pretend that mantras, a pedicure or eating a salad will make us feel better. 

And yet... we're all beating ourselves up internally. Our self talk is critical at best and super mean and crazy at worst.  We all think we should know what we're doing. We all think, everyone else does?! Don't they?  We never ever think we're good enough.

In this video, Laurette DeJulian, a sought after Modern Day Spiritual Director and Health Intuitive, talks about why she thinks self compassion really is the cure to our inner anxiety and the project she's created to prove it. 

"Why the Compassion Project?" 

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
— Dalai Lama

Most days,  we strive to eat better, exercise more, work harder, be nicer,  drink less {insert any action that somehow proves our worth HERE} 

And still, we're  struggling. We're suffocated by negative self talk and feelings that we don't deserve what we truly want. 

Joy is elusive. Inner Peace seems impossible. 

Well... what if self-compassion was the cure???  That's what this project is all about. 

Along with half a dozen other people, from  widely diverse backgrounds, across the world, I've decided to be apart of it.  We don't know what will happen- but we think it could be good. We'd love to have you come along...