You + Me = Beautiful Magic

Here's all the ways in which we can create something together. 

Candice Carlton


Creative Collaborations

Working with change makers in unexpected + joyfully expressive ways. I love collaborating with like minded entrepreneurs. Have a special event, product launch or something to say? Reach out + let's explore how to mix our magic. Past collaborations have included: 

  • Leading Meditation at Wellbeing Retreats
  • Moderating Expert Wellbeing Panels  
  • Interviewing Spiritual Thought Leaders
  • Mini Guided Meditation at Launch Parties
  • Yoga Classes at at Festivals 
  • Mindfulness talk at Lululemon and H+M

Check out the latest project I'm working on... the Compassion Project


1/1 Coaching Sessions 

Because... this is where the big shifts happen. It is my honor to guide you in connecting to your inner gps + creating a rocking life that speaks to  you from your heart. 

A soulful mix of

  • meditation
  • a course in miracles
  • yoga and
  • flower essences. 

Guaranteed to make your soul sing, your nervous system calm down and your heart expand. 8- Week Courses, Group Workshops and Ministerial Training.  


Change-Making Companies

Out to change the world.  You and your team know the best work comes when you're inspired, connected and able to breathe + create freely. This is about finding space, breathing into it + having a little fun. Wellness Everywhere (WE) was created with you in mind providing mindful wellness programs for the workplace.  


WE programs are expansive, but most popular ones include employee onsite classes like yoga, meditation, tai chi, stress-relief with yoga balls, aromatherapy and more. 


 A Course in  Miracles Study Groups 

Join a joyful community of lightworkers committed to going deeper + living from the heart. If you've been following Gabby Bernstein or Marianne Williamson and you're hungering to learn more,  to toss judgement, feeling small and frustrated to the curb. To create a life that speaks to you from your heart then we'd like to meet you. 

In person virtual jam session. Send me a note for more details. Can't wait to meet you.