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The Great Escape

12 years ago I graduated from the University of Cape Town, with a degree in Finance + Economics. I left South Africa + headed for the US with $500, a suitcase of clothes and what I now realize, was a whole bunch of chutzpah. 

Looking back, the most surprising thing is that I wasn't more terrified. Somehow, leaving was far less scary than staying. 

The choice felt obvious. There was no choice. 

The inner call had spoken and there was nothing I could do but listen + follow it's lead.


The chutzpah paid off... that is, until I lost it. Great job, good life + yet, the clothes didn't seem to fit?!  

I tried on gratitude for all my fortunes. I pushed through work that didn't light me up. I paid all my bills. I bought rocking shoes ( purple pumps were my favorite!) and yet it definitely felt like something was missing... I had an inkling, but fear made me look the other way.

Then one day, anxiety + insomnia came knocking at my door. 

It was brutal.

I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel like I was going to die. I cried in the bathrooms at work. Prayer became an all day practice.  I meditated more times than I ate and (what I then, considered as way out ) spiritual teachings began to beckon to me.  

Yoga Anyone?!

There was nothing that I was sure about, but what I did start to notice was that I felt different, better, more myself than anywhere else ,when I was in yoga class. 

So, I signed up to learn how to teach Yoga?!! 

I was completely + utterly intimidated. All the other students were stronger than me, more flexible than me and definitely more experienced than me. And yet, again, it felt as though there was no other choice.

This was the beginning of a new path.

And Now... 

We've all had that calling, sometimes it's a whisper + sometimes it's an avalanche. Sometimes it feels like the risks are too high to follow that call + yet what I've learnt,  is that there's no way to escape it. 

This page could on and on forever,  so let me wrap it up for you. 

I am a speaker, video blogger, yoga + meditation teacher and passionate marketing strategist to heart-centered entrepreneurs.  None of this I had planned.  




In Case you were Wondering

  • Business School Grad & World Traveler
  • 10 years experience climbing the corporate ladder (and going a little crazy) 

  • 300+ hours of Yoga Teacher Training

    • SmartFLOW Working with Beginners + All Level Classes - Annie Carpenter

    • SmartFLOW Advanced Intensive Training - Annie Carpenter

    • The Yoga of Breath- Richard Rosen

    • SmartFLOW Inversions Immersion - Annie Carpenter

    • SmartFLOW The Practice of Joy/ Mudita - Annie Carpenter + Trudy Goodman

  • Student of Meditation for 5+ Years guided by an eclectic array of spiritual teachers including Swami’s and Medical Intuitives.

  • Ordained Minister (you read that right!) certified by Pathways of Light, leading workshops & courses based on A Course in Miracles.
    • Trained in Inner Wisdom Counseling to help you Access your Inner Guidance
    • Facilitate Pathways of Light 8 Week Spiritual Awakening Course
    • Lead and Deliver Guided Meditations to rock your world
  • FES ( Flower Essence Society) Professional Course 

    • I  consult + custom mix flower essence for my wellness entrepreneurs and meditation students.