I am. 

Candice Carlton

I am seeker, story teller + communication strategist.

I love to make videos + host workshops about purpose, meditation and listening to your inner gps. Mostly, I like to share about things that really matter. The things that people seldom talk about. Like how we feel when we fail. Or when we get everything we thought we wanted, and still feel miserable. The inner yearnings that call  to us, the jobs we hate, the co-workers that annoy us, the unrelenting anxiety and insomnia. 

In the quest to understand how, to create the life, health and fulfillment we're all starving for, I've studied with internationally recognized yoga and spiritual teachers. I've  spent time on silent retreats and interviewed Buddhists Monks, acupuncturists, CEOs, Health Intuitives + Spiritual Teachers.

I know 

That everything is bullshit unless you listen to your inner GPS, calling, whisper, gut (whatever you want to call it!) and that by doing so, you can actually create a life that speaks to you wholeheartedly.

And... that it all begins with slowing down + tuning in. 

My work

Is all about “Connection.” I help people tell their stories as a Producer, Director + Communication Strategist. As an Ordained Minister, Meditation Teacher and Yogi I help people connect to their inner GPS and truth. I'm a student and teacher. I’m a rule breaker and free thinker. And if you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you are too.

You are

A successful (but secretly anxious) go-getter. You’re ready to clear away the crazy by reconnecting to your Inner Guidance + tuning back into what really matters to you. 

There's a few ways you can work or collaborate with me so click here to find out more.