Accessing Your Inner GPS

Clarity Session

Candice Carlton Wellness

You have the answers to everything you need. You've just forgotten how to access them, and this is where a session like this comes in. 

When I was at the beginning of my spiritual journey and overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, I was desperate for answers on how to get out of it, and more importantly how to begin to create the type of life I was desperate for. The Accessing Inner Guidance Process was the first experience that gave me the "aha" that I really did already have the answers I was looking for and that is wasn't some bullshit, esoteric crap.

I open these up once a month to a limited amount of sign ups.

From this session, I got relief...
It felt like I was given a permission slip, that the path my life is taking and more importantly, the pace of that path, is ok.
— Annica Gressing

What is The Accessing Inner Guidance Clarity Session? 

In this insanely powerful session you're essentially on a date with your inner gps/guru/higher self.

In this session I will hold space and guide you through a process of self-reflection where you will access answers from your inner guidance on a situation or problem that you may be experiencing. Or maybe a place in your life  where you feel stuck or unsure. 

What exactly will happen in The Accessing Inner Guidance Clarity Session? 

Once you complete the application and additional prep homework (or soul-work) you will have a  statement of purpose that reflects where you want more Peace + Clarity in your life. This will be the focus of our time together. 

  • During our call, I will guide you through the process of looking at your thoughts and following the guidance of your Inner Guidance.

  • In order to allow you the uninterrupted time and space you need to fully experience the process I will remain mostly silent during the periods you are sharing out loud what is coming to you.

  • Only if necessary, I may ask you to repeat, clarify or slow down at times, knowing that it will not interrupt your process.

  • I will email you the notes when we are finished as a helpful reference.

  • I will record the call if requested for your personal reference + use.

How Long is The Accessing Inner Guidance Clarity Session? 

An Accessing Inner Guidance Call is usually 60- 90 minutes 

How much does The Accessing Inner Guidance Clarity Session Cost?

These powerful sessions are usually priced at $225. Once a month I offer them at $59 for 6 people.

How do I know if it's for me? This is for you if...

  • You're struggling to make a decision or you feel stuck, confused or in fear. 

  • You're unsure of what to do next in a relationship, project or work. 

  • You know that you have the answer, inside of you but you just need a little help on accessing it. 

  • You're committed to living a life that speaks to you from your heart.  

  • You've had some meditation experience (even if it's just a little)

Can I do this if I don't live in the USA?

Yes we can schedule to complete over whatsapp or Zoom. 

Can I send this to someone that I love and I want to go through process? 

Yes! Let's get them in!

This practice solidified my answers for me. It made me really answer OUT LOUD so it was no longer a feeling I got to listen to or not, it brought the feeling into words. More concrete. More real.
— Ashley, Founder of Mindful Events
After the session, I was able to speak my truth in an issue that had been bothering me and when I got lashed out at, I was able to remain calm, focused, and respond not react. It was an amazing experience
— Stacy

And one of my young yogi’s talked about it in her youtube video… the most fascinating and joyful YouTube video, I’ve watched in awhile. Honestly realize that’s there something about the millennial YouTube content that I don’t quite get, but am simultaneously transfixed by.