My office needs a serious dose of zen. I want to boost team happiness + increase productivity.

Weekly Classes, Team Building & Company Events.



I need 1/1 support and a program customized to me.  I want to feel calmer, joyful + fulfilled.

Yoga, Meditation, Flower Essences & Daily Rituals.


You're Successful, Ambitious and... Overwhelmed! You hate to admit it. You have worked hard, risen through the ranks + already achieved a lot in your career.

People would describe you as driven, competent, and a go-getter.  You are interested in natural therapies but you don't want to be told that the answer is to hold a crystal and chant for three days straight. 

You need wellness that works. Spirituality with Practicality. 

We could be a match if:

  • You are regularly experiencing feelings of overwhelm and maybe even anxiety. You are beyond ready to swap those feelings for unbridled joy and life enthusiasm.
  • You have always been curious about alternative therapies like meditation, yoga and miracles. You would love the practical know-how to implement them in your everyday life.
  • You want to learn how to be your own guru - someone who has all the tools to keep yourself clear, calm and connected to your life and goals.
  • You want to love your life again. You want it to feel good, you want to feel grateful and you want to feel excited.

If a little voice inside of you said,  “Oh yeah - that's me!”  Then let’s talk about working together.

My Secret Weapons 

Meditation + Breath work: These two techniques are key in helping you find center in the chaos, to calm your nervous system and help you return to peace. I promise this isn’t just for some old dude in a turban on a mountaintop. I am trained in them both and can show you practical ways to integrate these powerful methods into your life and soon you will experience a profound change in your life.

Yoga:Time to trade the rat race for some down dog! Yoga shows you how to be more present in your body, build strength and flexibility and reconnect to your breath. It’s an excellent stress buster that will help you sleep better and feel more comfortable in your body. If you’re cerebral in nature -  if you’re reading this you probably are! - this is excellent for shifting the energy from your mind into your body.

You don’t need to be flexible in your body just in your mind!! I have trained with the most respected teachers in the world and teach SmartFLOW a juicy, sensual and alignment based flow that will have you singing from the rooftops. 

Flower Essences: You can use flowers for emotional healing? Say What?! But yes, it’s true. Herbal infusions made from flowers, are super effective at supporting the emotional and mental aspects of your well being.  These are my absolute fave tool to use to help balance my clients.

Daily Practices:I will show you simple shifts and mindset tweaks that will seriously rock your world! You will learn how to recognize the beliefs that are making you stressed, anxious and dissatisfied + replace these with new thoughts that will energize and empower you instead. It seriously is as simple as it sounds (if you have the inside knowledge).


Wondering if a Corporate Calm Event is for you?! Find out what others had to say! 

"Candice Carlton is the modern yogi.  Through the fog of negative imagery that surrounds us, she is truly a breath of fresh air.  Her workshops are informative, practical, and most importantly…inspiring!  Students rave about her teaching style and presence, which is why we plan to host her year after year.  She has a gift of helping people wake up, plug in, and find direction." 

-Virginia Traylor, Studio Owner

"Candice came and taught a blissful hour of yoga to all our LA Store Managers during a very stressful time of year for us! She absolutely did an amazing job of calming and revitalizing the staff in order to keep them motivated for the rest of the day’s budget planning! We can’t wait to set up our next Corporate Calm event— We loved it!"

 -Lindsay, Controller—H&M Los Angeles

"Candice is immensely calming and inspiring. She taught a workshop to a group of highly stressed professionals and all walked out refocused and centered. She is beautiful both inside and out and everyone who comes into contact with her is profoundly touched."

-Cary Carbonara- Media Maven, Financial Expert + BestSelling Author,