It all begins with connection.

It's not about getting it perfect. It's not about following the rules. And it's definitely not about listening to someone else. It's all about tuning into that inner whisper, your built-in GPS System. 

Who are you? What is your gift?  I'll be your collaborator + strategy running buddy helping you create a life that speaks powerfully to you. Come on- let's write your story. 



It's an unorthodox mix.

A celebratory collaboration of my passions, gifts  + greatest contribution to you.  


#1 Create your Authentic
Digital Identity

Are you connecting with the people looking for a dose of your secret sauce?  

  • We'll work together one step at a time to get really clear on your vision. Not what's here + now, but where do you want to go?!
  • It's all about  transcending what's in your heart  and creating a clear vision. 
  • Once we've got that I'll work with you to make that vision a reality by creating an executable action plan. 
  • We'll check in regularly for accountability, to review what's got you stuck + continue to adjust + refine. 
  • Once you've got that, it's time to translate that vision to your digital presence.
  • Let's  color in the deets of your website (look, feel, + function)
  • Let's jam about page, visuals, blog + newsletter 
  • Redesign or enhance your offerings
  • Refine your website strategy so it reaches your target market


#2 Define your Social
Media + Marketing

 Strategy tailored to your unique strengths, business & schedule.

  • Define your social media  + marketing strategy to support your desired outcome
  • It's all about what's right for you: 
    • quality not quantity
    • doing what brings you joy
    • of course ease

#3 Create your first
Digital Course 

You have an idea, or maybe a program that you already use with your clients. I will:

  • Work with you to build out your digital course, detail by detail, translating your vision into a practical course that delivers on your unique offering 
  • Design your launch strategy  

Ready to work together? First step is to set up a free 15 min consult.
Let's jam and decide if we're a match!

Wondering if I'm legit?

Find out what others have to say about me

"Candice Carlton is the modern yogi.  Through the fog of negative imagery that surrounds us, she is truly a breath of fresh air.  Her workshops are informative, practical, and most importantly…inspiring!  Students rave about her teaching style and presence, which is why we plan to host her year after year.  She has a gift of helping people wake up, plug in, and find direction." 

-Virginia Traylor, Studio Owner

"Candice came and taught a blissful hour of yoga to all our LA Store Managers during a very stressful time of year for us! She absolutely did an amazing job of calming and revitalizing the staff in order to keep them motivated for the rest of the day’s budget planning! We can’t wait to set up our next Corporate Calm event— We loved it!"

 -Lindsay, Controller—H&M Los Angeles

"Candice is immensely calming and inspiring. She taught a workshop to a group of highly stressed professionals and all walked out refocused and centered. She is beautiful both inside and out and everyone who comes into contact with her is profoundly touched."

-Cary Carbonara- Media Maven, Financial Expert + BestSelling Author,