The Freedom of Confidence

There’s something to be said about being confident. Unshakeable. Deciding to be yourself no matter what.

To stop trying to “show them”

To stop trying to have everyone in your life “like” you.

Some people will like you.

Few will love you.

Some will be so concerned with their own life that it won’t matter what you do because they’re in their own frame. Their own life. Living out a self created narrative and you’re simply a character in that with a pre-determined character outline that may, or may not, even be relevant to you.

It’s like you’re a miscast actor.

You can’t take it personally.

Be you.

Get fired.

Be disliked.

Don’t get the gig.

But meditate like crazy.

Work on self-compassion.

Study Buddhism or A Course in Miracles or Judaism…

Whatever it is that calls to your heart- choose that.

Follow that.

Fail there. Fail hard.

Fail quickly.

Be disliked for who you are.

Misread a situation or don’t read it all

Rather go inward- ask your true self, the sane part of you, the part that feels like joy or peace.

Listen to that voice.

If things fall apart. They fall apart.

New things will be created,.

This is certain…