Love Notes From Your Higher Self #jump

Think bigger. Dream bigger. 

You are but a thought in the imagination of God. Anything is possible and everything is possible. Puny thoughts serve no one. Leap. Jump. Pray. Take flight and soar. 

Born with wings, your are not of this world. Your heart tells you it's true. Listen. Tune in. Walk. Tumble. Fall. Know that it may not be easy. You will have many learnings.

...Keep going.

Render the light your friend, companion and fellow guide. You have nothing to lose. Nothing.

For nothing worth losing can really be lost. 

Nothing worth losing can really be lost. 

You have wings of an angel to guide you, to help you fly. Trip. Tumble. Land.

Grounded in the earth. Protected. Supported. Up or down. Left or right. Whichever way you go- there you are. Stay. 

Stay in the love,  the light, the peace. This is your sacred resting space.

No harm. No foul. No unreality. Breathe. Laugh. Kiss. Languish in the beauty of your own Light. It's always all right and you are even more than that. Just breathe. 


p.s. Remember Iā€™m always with you!