An Ode to the Light Seeker's Journey #keepgoing

I can't do this with your judgement. 

You see the thing is that my own voice drowns out all others but sometimes in the stillness of my mind... The recess of my heart I too judge ... myself. Question. Anguish.

Is this it? 

I too drown in the questions of self doubt. Where do I go? Which way should I take? I suffocate. I breathe in the darkness strangled by the thought... that I am small.

I reach out. I pray. I scramble. I float.

Float in the water, the ocean of light. I soar. I fly and when I'm here nothing can touch me. This is where I breathe in smiles. I run. I create. On my way to a destination that has no ending.

It's hard to get here sometimes. Sometimes the darkness calls to me. Pulls me in. So you see this space of soaring, its sacred. It's private. It's what I yearn for. Why I wake, meditate, practice and risk it. My heart yearns for the light. My soul soars in it whispering silently... Yes. Yes. Yes!!!! This is it. That place you want to be in. To relish. To live. To love. Without it, all is lost.

So your judgement, it shades my way. It prevents that light from coming in. It adds to my self doubt, that darkness, my insecurity.

With light  + gratitude in my heart I thank you for being here. For seeing me. For being present. And I know you may be worried about yourself, your journey, your thoughts.

But this is my journey... and  I need all the light I can get.