Expectations, Stress + Finally... Surrender

Written after recovering from a week of death flu: My fav coffee shop ( too hip for its own sake!) decaf flat white, people watching + taking up an entire table to myself on a Sunday morning. #bliss

Destress, Let Go, Meditation, Surrender


My 2016 in review so far... sick, then better. Then sick again. Slightly better... then sick again. 

I have been plagued by one sickness after another. It has sucked! #Seriously In fact my man went to a barbecue recently + he told me that one of his friends said: “She seems to get sick a lot for someone who eats well and does yoga?!”  Ah… Touche. That hurt a little and honestly I had been thinking the same thing. I live well. I eat well. What’s the deal ?!

The truth is that we can all find ourselves in situations and wonder how the hell we got there?!  So how did I get here...Expectations. Ah, expectations...Stress, anxiety + pushing through. Too little ease.  Do you know what I’m saying?!

Ever set some goals for yourself and decide that whatever happens you’re going to do it, you’re going to push through, wake up early and give it all you’ve got? Because hey you are going to make things happen!!! Ha -of course you have because you know, Nike, says “Just do it!”  See the thing is... when it feels like we're pushing a boulder up a hill, we've forgotten something very important. It's not supposed to be this hard. Really?! 

Yes! ;-) 

The universe has a very divine plan and flow. When we're aligned with it everything just seems to... well flow! When we're relying on our own will, power and ultimately ego we've slipped out of the flow.  Don’t pretend, You know what I mean. You’ve felt it. When you’re in the zone, when things flow freely, when you’re filled with ease and things turn out better than you could have ever expected. Just writing about it here fills me with a sense of spaciousness  and ease. This is where we really want to live. This is where the magic happens…

This flow state is why we practice yoga, why we meditate, why we seek out moments of silence, linger in the sunshine and why it feels so good when we follow our joy.

I forgot. I lost it temporarily. I relied on my will, the power of myself and my ego and of course… that never ends well. As I sit typing this blog the word “surrender” keeps coming to me. Like a large all encompassing cloud of comfort…”surrender.” 

"The Universe has a plan for you and it’s far greater + bigger than you could ever imagine. But first... you need to “Surrender.”"

Here's the note I wrote to myself... 

The universe has got everything figured out and is conspiring on your behalf.   Radical thought I know?! I'm going to be wearing this thought, because you know it is the latest fad and frankly I'm tired of being sick and pushing that damn boulder up a hill. I'm ready for some of that flow. I'm yearning for that ease.  

How about you?  Try it on for yourself... I dare you!