Day 4 of Silence

It’s coming to an end… and I really don’t want it to.

Day 4: The morning meditations are my favorite. There’s a level of peace + clarity that I haven’t felt before. I wake up each morning to the silence of the rising sun, check the time + roll out of bed. I wash my face, brush my teeth + change into a clean set of clean yoga gear.

I actually gazed in mild admiration at my closet this morning. Half a dozen cotton tanks, 3 long sleeved cotton tops, 6 pairs of yoga pants, a hoodie, pashmina, bikini and wrap. Feels like this is all I could ever need. 

I walk every morning to the meditation hall barefoot. I haven’t worn a pair of shoes all week. Even my flip flops feel constraining. 

I’ve stopped drinking coffee… I find myself favoring water from my flask or chugging the coconut water I packed. 

We break silence this evening and part of me wants to continue and wear the badge “I’m in loving silence.” And yet another part of me thinks that’s corny and I could miss out on cool opportunities to talk with people. 

After I sputter my first sentence my whole being longs for more silence.