Day 2 + 3 of Silence

Excuse the typos, I literally jam this out in between meditation + dinner. 

Day 2: I learned that if I drape my pashmina over my head “indian style” that I feel safe and calmer in meditation.

My meditations are getting deeper, I’m discovering things I haven’t seen or felt before. The whole day feels like a delicious relaxed trance. I linger as long as I can in the feeling even after the church bells have signaled that it’s time for a break. 

I want even more space than I have + find myself getting pissed off inside when someone stands or sits “to close” to me. I spend my afternoon break asleep in bed. 

I drink way less coffee, find myself eating less + cleaner. 

  • B/fast: scrambled eggs + oatmeal (like home)
  • Lunch: Tuna Salad + Kale and white bean Soup 
  • Dinner: Vegetarian enchiladas (hello cheese) + salad.

I think I want to stay here. Like forever.  

Day 3: I wake up and my body is quite literally vibrating from all the calm + meditation. 

I like everything about this place except for the bathrooms. In true Monk style they have the toilettes + showers all in one space. So there is always the threat of someone using the loo while you shower. It’s so gross. So gross. 

Yesterday I almost didn’t shower. I dreamt about bathrooms all night. #nuffsaid. 

Have I told you that we’re staying at the San Diego Mission? We spend our breaks sprawled on the lawn, basking in the sunshine amidst bushels of gorgeous roses, blue skies and a slight ocean breeze. ( Tommy you're mom would love the flowers!) 

I find myself readjusting my meditation postures to be more supported. I switched out my harder cushion for two softer pillows, placed blocks under my knees and on occasion find myself up against a wall. 

This afternoon as I was swimming solo in the pool I thought to myself… “8 hrs of meditation, silence + San Diego sunshine?!

"Candice, this has got to be one of your best ideas yet.”