Day 1 of Silence

Day 1 of Silence and I have a spot of wifi?! So of course I type up a status report to friends, family, students + anyone else I may have added to my email list. These are the notes I send. 

The silence feels like a relief.  

You mean I don’t have to talk or interact?! Amazing. 

Although at one moment I  forget + find myself muttering “you’re good,” to a fellow retreatant who attempts to shift out of my way so I can see the teacher during mudra showcase. 

I spend my day immersed in new chants, fancy mudra sequences, breath work and 5 separate sessions of meditation. 

I sneak in two texts to Tommy. I overeat at the 3 meals because… vegetarian lasagne, freshly baked bread ( with butter), rice pudding + lamb curry?! I thought this was supposed to be vegetarian…  #nocomplaints

I continue some of my usual habits + drink too much coffee so that my stomach hurts. I have a vicious thought or two that continues to stalk me through all my meditations + I swim in the pool... ;-)

I begin practicing a new technique where you  zoom into the center of an emotion, thought or sensation (localized attention) + zoom out to all sensations, thoughts + feelings (non-localized attention). Apparently it’s the pathway to unadulterated awareness. I think this technique is pretty rad.This and alternative body sensing- which I’ve never done before. Can’t wait to teach it. 

I never thought I'd say this... but I have another meditation session this evening... Ugh. I mean "Yay.” 

Being present can be hard… but we already knew this. Not sure when I'll send a note again.