Top 3 Books that Changed EVERYTHING...

Not sure why you would meditate? Need some context around exactly what it is you're seeking, the discomfort you feel or the call you have to try something different?  I want to share with you the top 3 books that helped me in my journey out of debilitating anxiety, panic attacks (in the bathrooms at work!)+ insomnia. As I travel through South Africa, I've connected with old friends, ( some of whom I hadn't seen in 10+ years) many have asked what helped me. What should they read or watch?

Below are my top picks. I hope they will help you as powerfully as they did me.

  1. Eckharte Tolle's A New Earth- awakening to your life's purpose.(audiobook is the bomb). This is a critical book for anyone beginning the journey + wondering exactly what "the journey" is?!
  2. The Surrender Experiment Think quieting your mind, surrendering and listening to your heart will ruin your life? Disrupt your ambitious plans to get that job, buy that house and take the holiday? This book powerfully illuminates that the exact opposite is true. 
  3. Ram Dass's Journey of Awakening, A Meditator's GuideBook. A vivid journey of why we meditate. A #MustHave for every seeker. 

Have you read any of these or any other books you recommend? Start reading one of these and get profoundly moved or experience a lightbulb moment? Iā€™d love to hear about that!! Send me a note. 

Sending love -Sat Nam.