Video: Why is Meditation so Bleeping Hard?!!

Ha!! It's a great question and I have the answer... it just may not be what you think. 

Most people who ask me some version of this question are people who really want to meditate. They've read about the benefits of meditation, attended a class or workshop, downloaded the app and given a whirl. The thing is, they can't seem to do it as often as they'd like. 

And I get it... It can seem a little out there, a little aspirational. Kind of like your plan to go Paleo + hit the crossfit gym 6 days a week. You know you'll get a banging body if you could only do it, longer than two weeks... ahem. But here's the thing...

Most of what we believe meditation is about, is just plain #wrong.

Here are theTop 5 Meditation Myths/Beliefs -that keep us stuck + stressed- see if you check any of the boxes:

  1. We think meditation is about “clearing” our minds + stopping our thoughts.

  2. We think meditation has to be done a very specific, “perfect" way.

  3. We think we have to meditate for like 30 minutes a day @least. #obvi

  4. We think meditation should be a "blissed out" experience. #everytime

  5. And... We don't think we need a technique. 

Bottom line is... it seems too hard.

Too inaccessible. Besides we're simply too busy. Got other things to do. And yet, we’re stressed, anxious, not sleeping, yearning for connection and we want all the benefits that meditation has to offer. Yes. Yes #Igotit

To bust these + get you started ASAP I'm hosting a Facebook Live...You can check it out HERE. 

In the meantime, skip the news, take a deep breath, look around + note what you're grateful for today. Here's a free + easy 5 min meditation with a little love to thank you + start your day. 

Sat Nam.