Video: 3 Easy Steps to Sound Sleep... Fast.


When you're not sleeping well, life can feel unmanageable.

  • You get overwhelmed more quickly.

  • You're irritable.  

  • Can't think as clearly + 

  • Find yourself reaching for extra cups of coffee + carby/sugary snacks throughout the day...

C'est la Vie- I have been there. Years ago I suffered from severe insomnia + there are still times in my life when I suffer from sleeplessness.  I haver tried everything- like everything.  

The truth is that how you're sleeping, is largely determined by your habits throughout the day + minor tweaks here and there can make all the difference.

Meditation is a powerful tool to help ward off insomnia, help relax your mind and get you ready for an optimum night of Zzz. 

In this video I share three super easy techniques to help you get some shuteye fast. Don't be deceived by their simplicity. These are profoundly powerful habits that if practiced with consistency will have you hitting the hay fast.

Remember don't take my word for it- try it out for yourself to find out. As per usual hit me up with comments + questions.  If it works- share with friends + family to help them feel a little more rested. 

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With love  - Candice