To Hell with the Plans?!

I'm in the "neutral zone" of transition... It started last Monday + this is what it looks like:   

  • I've thrown out my "to do" list

  • I go to yoga at 9:30am + wear my yoga pants all day. 

  • I meditate in the middle of the day + generally  

  • I've found myself drifting through my days... 

I find myself in a state of ... "being." Soaking in the sunshine, taking Gidget for long walks, meditating in the middle of the day + re-reading old books. 

Initially I was a little freaked out by this state of "being." I've got some shiz to do +  it's all soul fulfilling work. But truth be told, I have not been able to bring myself to calendar, schedule + pack (or overpack) my day with productive activities like I usually do. 

In one of my meditations, I remembered a book I had read 5 years ago. When I re-read it I knew- I've been experiencing the "neutral zone" of a transition.

 In the last few months, I had quit my job, moved cities, climates + taken on the (both exciting + terrifying) adventure of following my heart.  I had topped up my Stumptown coffee, made an action list + was ready to fast forward into my new way of "being." Except I couldn't. It's like a uncontrollable force that came over me, demanding that I slow the fuck down + take a few breaths.  

Welcome to the "neutral zone/gap/pause" - Have you been here?

+ It's inbetween an ending and before a beginning. 

+ "It's when critical psychological realignments + repatternings take place."

+ Slowing down, creating stillness + clearing out the old shiz is critical. 

+ It's uncomfortable. 

+ Apparently you can't rush it...

So, here I am "being." Luxuriating in the space, clearing what needs to be cleared + listening fully to what has been waiting in the wings. Things may get a little "crazy" in this unknown land- including extra notes from me... more on that soon. Speak then. 

Sat Nam 

- Candice