When Resistance Shows up #welcomeit

There's an interesting thing that happens when you decide to go deeper... a whole bunch of uncomfortable shit comes up. It's the kind of stuff you'd rather not see, not face, or maybe not even care about... except you DO care. And if you've been doing the work long enough, you know you have to delve into it headfirst vs. running away from it. I wrote a Love Note on that HERE.

I'm two weeks into my 30-day Just Meditate Challenge and I have definitely been ebbing + flowing through waves of resistance.  

  • The urge to binge watch tv has been strong! Orphan Black is unbelievably intriguing, addictive + oh-so-heavy. My recommendation is to NOT start watching this show. (Seriously!! Don't do it!)
  • Some days I find myself locked in thoughts of comparison. Almost nothing feels as bad as when you've decided that everyone else but you has it going on.
  • Cocktail hour has been calling my name... 

When life gets too uncomfortable there's always something readily available to distract us ...food/ video games/ gossiping/ recreational drugs or even excessive exercise. 

Now lets get this straight... you’ll never see me scorn the occasional cocktail or Good Wife marathon but right now, I know that they are cleverly disguised forms of resistance. When I should be checking-in, they are my two usual items to the express check-out line.

We all do it. We decide to take a break from the discomfort ( and hence the original  intention!) even if  (sometimes especially if )the change we're trying to make is something we desperately want!! We relapse into old patterns of behavior and the nasty internal dialogue of self- disdain + judgement begins again. 

The question is... what would it be like if the next time you found resistance showing up that you did the exact opposite?  What if each time you notice yourself slipping away from your intention you decided to celebrate it a little?  To joyously welcome the resistance + explore it? What would that resistance tell you?

Maybe its arrival means that change is happening? And that it only shows up when we're truly close to it?

Maybe... just maybe, resistance is a sign post on the road that will always be there when you decide to seek out a different path, behavior or way of being?! Maybe…just maybe resistance should be expected and invited.  Maybe welcoming its arrival and celebrating its meaning will allow us to move past it quickly. We know that treating it like an unwelcome guest only makes us feel shitty. And nobody’s got time for that?! So lets try out the alternative...

I'm thanking these current thoughts, cravings + temporary dips into tv marathon madness, because I know they are the stepping stones in my path to something greater.

Change is coming + it's coming quickly. 

Tell me your thoughts... what do you do when resistance shows up?