Why we really Meditate?! #justmeditate

Most people begin a meditation practice as a way to try get a handle on stress, anxiety + feeling overwhelmed.

People flock to meditation classes in the hopes of sleeping better, performing better + thinking more clearly.  While meditation can help with all of these things, as you continue down the path of meditation the reasons for maintaining the practice begin to shift. 

We begin to realize that the moments of stillness + silence allow us respite from ourselves, from the do-ing, the thinking, the striving + the goal setting.

Beyond that, we start to notice an inner voice that our do-ing, achieving + succeeding has been drowning out. 

And... if we start to heed the whispers of that inner voice, we begin to realize that the whisper is the voice of our heart, our true self directing us to do the things we may be scared to do but yearn at a soul level to do. 

"What is my purpose?"
"How do I move on from this job?"
"Is this the right relationship for me?"

The all-encompassing big questions of life and even the small ones can all be answered if we become still enough + quiet enough.

For the next 30 days I'll be sharing my daily meditation practices. I am using this time to move deeper into my practice, to carve out more moments of silence so that I can get really, really clear on some changes that I'm looking to make in my own life.

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I'll be sharing tips, tools, my challenges + maybe inspire you to create your own 30-day challenge for an area of your life that you are looking to change. 

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